Blog – from personal journals to global news outlets

Ask anyone you meet today if they have heard of blogs or can tell you what is there and you tend to get a diverse response bag.

Some people will tell you that they have their own blog, others will explain that they read some different blogs regularly and there will be some people who don’t know what blog, besides ‘it has something to do with the internet’.

Raises the same question as a group of random people a decade ago and it’s easy to see how far the blog has come, as it is mediocre, the number of people who have or using a blog around the turn of the last millennium will be very bigger than people who don’t Understand anything.

Used initially as an online diary (or ‘journal’ as it was originally known), because the use widened, the ‘weblog’ phrase was used to describe it in December 1997 by John Barger, one of the earliest bloggers and this developed into just ‘blog’ on Spring 1999, when the initial blogger affected Peter Meram Merholz, divided the word ‘weblog’ up to two parts – ‘we’ and ‘blog’ – on the website.

Today, blogs are used for a variety of different reasons and by almost any kind of individuals that can be imagined, from those who still want to maintain aspects of the original personal journals to bloggers who use blogs as a way for their organization to communicate in modern and interesting ways with their customers.

What’s more, the ability of blogs has developed as far as almost every organization can use it with one way or another way to overcome their messages to their audience.

The perfect example of this in the past few weeks is Qatar Media Corporation belonging to Al Jazeera News and current affairs TV stations that have used their blog to provide up-to-date information and first-hand accounts of problems in Libya around the Colonel Gaddafi and The State rebels.

What is interesting for many people to understand is that most of the blogging platforms – also known as blogging software – are completely free to use and it is integration with other services and the development of general brands that need money, meaning there is no reason why Even cannot start a blog and let the world know about whatever topics and information they want, whether it’s information and personal opinions or news and updates the company – the world of blogging is truly your oysters.

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