Definition of Time Management – 6 Important Elements

Time management is a priceless skill needed to live a quality life. In our society today, people constantly struggle to fulfill their duties and responsibilities and find time for free time, family and self. To handle life demands without being crazy, one must learn the ability of management. However, what time management?

Before entering the six important elements consisting of time management definitions, it is important to know how this skill affects the quality of life overall individuals. Time is one of the skills that someone must learn to be productive. One productivity is measured on how much he can do and achieve in a certain period. Personal productivity is one of the vital elements of life management. If someone can master the management of life, someone can live a full life.

Now after time management relationships, personal productivity and life management are clarified, it is time to switch to six important elements of the management definition.

Manage destination: important objectives in one’s life. Without aimless, someone will roam without the purpose of life, haunted by feelings of not achieving anything. The personal purpose will direct someone in the right direction and will help this person focus his strength in achieving that goal. Thus, in the end, this individual will have a feeling of self-achievement.

Manage assignments: Everyone handles important tasks every day. Managing these tasks is very important to ensure that someone does not end with many things to do. In addition, the managing of the task will ensure that someone does not forget important tasks or skip any deadlines.

Prioritizing: Learning to prioritize is also a good skill to complete the management of tasks. Because time is very limited, it is very important for someone to complete his priority first before anything else. That way, someone gets closer to achieving his goal every day. Prioritizing only know what is needed to solve goals and find out what must be done next.

Utilizing the calendar: The calendar is important to manage someone’s time completely. Whether it’s a table or electronic calendar, it’s very important for someone. It is also recommended, if you have several calendars (Outlook, cellphone, PDA, table calendar), that all calendars are synchronized so that they don’t miss anything.

Management delays: Everyone has a tendency to delay and, for some people, it is a very difficult feeling to fight. However, for someone to become a successful time manager, someone must learn to fight a delay call.

Reminder system: a good follow-up system is needed so that the task or old project is not forgotten. There are new things that must be done every day that may need a lot of attention and a good reminder system will definitely help manage all of these tasks.
Definition of time management: Overall, time management is a skill to help someone organize his time to complete his task, achieve his goal, and still take the time for himself.

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