Is the HR manager really the worst manager in business?

It’s interesting to work in HR in an organization. When focused on developing the organization, the work you do is ‘fun things’ HR, and this activity is seen by business as added value. But when the topic of HR management appears, the usual refrain is that those who work as HR managers cannot manage for Toffee.

In eight years I worked at HR I was happy to work for a good manager from the human resource department, but the best ‘HR’ manager I have ever had is a business manager who cares, while waiting for a business recruiting replacement after the previous HR leader has been removed from Post. But I have also been managed badly and to handle the impact of being at the end of the antithesis recipient of everything I believe makes a good manager. This bad management trail record is a note that is far worse than my experience managed in other parts of the business.

So why is the HR manager so bad in managing people? I wonder whether our expectations for individuals who manage HR function are too high, they are after all should be a flare that led management must definitely be better than others in this business? Whether it’s like our expectations that politicians somehow have to be more honest, have more integrity and act with more courtesy than we are all just because of the position they hold. Maybe that’s why the line manager is expected to pick up the practice of community management so long as a long time promoted by the HR department.

Who else should we notice to show us how to manage people correctly than those who are a fortress of people’s management skills. After all that was from the HR department that the business was given advice on performance management, coaching, assistance, training and development, gift strategies, labor planning, recruitment and selection, retention and communication strategies and labor law protection. You will not expect to find the practice of management of poor people in such a place; You also will not expect to find employees who are stressed, accusations of intimidation or difficulty managing individual performance.

I wondered if we tolerate bad management practices by more business managers, and when the HR manager was wrong, it was like wearing a GLO socks with business suits; Very inappropriate and difficult to close. If the HR leadership does not spend so much time to say this whole business is the best way to manage people’s resources in business then maybe the rest of the business will forgive the HR manager more human.

But the same as you would expect sales managers not to not only know best practices, but show superior ability in the sales arena, or operational managers to have a handle on business operations; HR managers must ensure that they are ‘best’ when it comes to people and it includes managing their own team, working with their colleagues and collaborating with other teams if what they should say and what they do will be respected by the rest of the business.

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