Various types of direct marketing lists

Marketing directly provides your marketing message directly to consumer or business groups at personalized levels (such as phone calls or via personal e-mail messages). This is a form of marketing that provides recipients with direct calls to act. The following are three main types of direct marketing.

List of letters
Direct Mail is one of the most common forms of direct marketing and an important part of an integrated marketing campaign. The company promotes their products and services with provocative mailers. The letter campaign directly provides your prospects with a real letter to read in their spare time. The direct letter campaign is very effective and when they are personalized and adjusted to certain target audiences can have a great level of response.

Telemarketing list
Telemarketing is the process of calling prospects on cellphones to promote your product or service. This can be done by using your own sales staff or by subcontracting to the call center. Telemarketing is very important in creating brand recognition, building customer relationships, maintaining leads and of course, close sales.

Even with a bad reputation, Telemarketing still plays an important part of a direct marketing campaign. Telemarketing is personal and interactive, and is able to provide a direct response. Effectively telemarketing is, you must be sensitive to the willingness of your prospects to receive unsolicited phone calls.

The telemarketing campaign functions the best when a remote marketing list is highly targeted, with accurate data that matches your current customer profile.

Email List
Email marketing is an effective way to reach new prospects or follow up with existing customers. Email marketing is very flexible, and you can easily adjust your marketing messages to various market segments, or for prospects at various stages of sales channels.

Email marketing can be used to maintain customer relationships, providing company information and products, directing website traffic and to promote direct sales. Emails can be complicated or as simple as needed.

Most people check their e-mail every day, make email marketing methods that are very effective for your business. However, email marketing must be used responsibly, and it is very important to have your customer’s approval before sending an email.

The most successful direct marketing campaign will use a mix of marketing methods. Repetition is very important in all types of marketing efforts. The more you can come out in front of the prospect, the greater the possibility of remembering. Try the direct letter campaign with follow-up telemarketing or email explosions along with a direct letter campaign. The multi-channel campaign also allows your prospects several ways to communicate back to you.

Regardless of the method, the main aspect of any direct marketing campaign is the ability to target marketing messages to certain audiences. With the target market that is defined correctly, you can send your message directly to those who have the probability of purchases from your greater business. This allows the business of all sizes to focus on their marketing budget and resources where they will most likely get results.

This is very important, before starting a direct marketing campaign, you understand different regulations that regulate each method of communication. Responsibility is yours to ensure you are obedient. Brokers and legitimate list managers must be able to confirm that the list they provide meets various rules and regulations. If you are uncertain, don’t hesitate to ask.

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